tenjostyle (tenjostyle) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Shukudai #94 ~ Sho news ~ aibaland

Hi minna-san!!! Enjoy this Shukudai-kun!! ^___^

★Today guest: Sakai Maki, a nice 38 years old lady.
Sho news caster, kakkoii~ Sakai Maki-san likes Sho-chan ^^
Nino cooking in a kakkoii style, Sho-chan was gelous and he started the "news report" this moment was very cute! Check the video ne! ^^
Jun hairstyle was cho~ kawaii!! Like a kid when he gets up on the morning */////*
AibaLand!!! It's really cute to see Arashi playing this kiddy game! Arashi holding hands!!!! kawaii~
Riida's imitation was so cool!
Jun's imitation so cute~ he was so shy!! xDDDD

Enjoy screencaps and video cuts!


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