Tawsuna (tawsuna) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Campaing: Let's support Ohno by journal!

I have an idea few minutes ago.
We want to express our support to Ohno, right?
Well, read the cut to know how can you do it ;)

The idea is simple:

Just post this image in all your entries from now on, in community or personal journal.

I know is kinf of huge but I make another samller

It's a way to say to all the people who visit our journals, tnat we're are with him. We love him and we're trying to give our support in all the ways!
If you would like, you can use it as a icon. The principal idea for the campaing, is our voice run trough the internet, by americans, europeans, asians, etc! Let's show our ideas with this pic.
I know is not an amazing work with photoshop, but the idea is the most important!

Please, the people who is interested, just do it! You don't need to leave a comment if you don't want, just... let's spread this message for all the internet. Let them know how much we support him and it doesn't matter in what part the world we are!

(We are one)

Thanks for your attention ^^

Comments are love if you want to say something about this. 


Fixed =D
And I'm sorry ^^U

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