mi_yuki (mi_yuki) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi "Dream Alive" concert goods for sale (updated on 3 Aug)

Hi minna,

Thanks for all your enquiries! I'm glad to offer the following goods for sale:

1 pamphlet @ S$40

3 ecobags @S$20 each

- 2 sets of clear files(5 members + group, 2 pcs each) @S$12 per file
  (S$5 discount will be given if whole set is taken!)

- 3 group photo sets @S$8 per set ( 2 photos in each set)

All goods are brand new, bought from the Nagoya concert venue this year! 

Shipping cost is not included yet in the prices quoted above!

Please drop me a mail at kagayagin@hotmail.com if you are interested in the goods above! Thank U^^

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