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hello arashi fans!

we are johnny no depato (johnny's department store) philippines :)

we thought you might be interested in our arashi shirt designs.

arashi 1 - arashi kanji

arashi 2 - arashi is love

arashi 3 - aaa con shirt (fan-modified) *new*

selling for only 750php/18usd!*
*shipping fee not included
we ship (anywhere! name it!) and do meet-ups (selected areas of the metro manila only)!

we also sell:
tomapi's i have great character shirt *new*!
news pacific con shirts!
kat-tun queen of pirates con shirt!
kanjani8's 2008 con shirt!

plus more kat-tun, kanjani8, news, hey!say!jump shirts!

visit us at

yoroshiku ne~

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