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Gay Bar -- Arashi Fanvid

First time posting to this comm. ^_^

So I made my first fanvid these past few days, and that's some hard stuff! D: I think I'll go back to writing fic for a while. XD But I'm really glad it's done and even though youtube kills quality (I should probably post it elsewhere, and maybe I will later because it's so much prettier on my computer. ;_; But for now, my laziness is stronger than my desire to go uploading it to a site where it'll look better), I still love it. Though you know, about halfway through making this, I was like ... I should have just put the song over that video of Eyes With Delight, Jun's version; it would've fit the song all too well just by itself. XP

Oh, right, the song used is Gay Bar by Electric Six, and I used various clips from Arashi shows and performances--if you don't recognize a clip and want to know where it's from, just ask. ^_^

You can view it here. Thanks!
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