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A-ra-shi A-ra-shi for dream! [set 1]


These are my first logos that I am posting.
I am really excited to share them with everyone.
It took me over one week to finish these because of work//family//friends//life. ect. but i hope you enjoy them!
I really love the photos for these icons, which i found here XD
I would also like to thank the community texturize and velvet ichigo where I found the textures and ribbons there.

If you choose to use my icons please...
1. leave a comment // i love to know what people think about my graphics, feedback is very helpful XD
2. please credit // if you use the icon at any webpage, forum, site.. ect.
3. do not change or add an fonts or textures without asking. thanks!










Tags: x sharing: graphics (discontinued)

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