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Breaking Ohno 1/1

Title: Breaking Ohno
Author:thefrug or artimitatessex
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Summery:What happens when you mix Ohmiya and a Vampire romance Novel...
A/N: This oneshot is dedicated to konkonichiwa because her comment on my journal influenced this to come about! Also to anyone who is not only an Ohmiya fan - but a Twilight fan! *very very very small BD spoiler. Nothing about the main plot of the book.*<3

He was bored. Hard to believe that he could ever get tired of playing video games. He was working on RPG #51 out of the one hundred and twenty that he had to finish by this year. Usually the prospect of that kept him into it; but today something was missing. He paused his game and looked around the living room; quickly finding the culprit. Ohno Satoshi. It wasn’t Ohno’s presence that bothered him; it was the fact that Ohno wasn’t paying attention to him. He wasn’t trying to tear away from his games.

Nino looked closer and saw that Ohno had his face practically buried in a thick book; not paying the least bit of attention to Nino.

“Oh-chan, what are you reading?” Nino asked. Ohno didn’t even look up as he answered the question.

“Breaking Dawn. The last book in the Twilight series.” He answered like a machine. Nino broke in a smile.

“That cheesy vampire romance novel that MatsuJun let you borrow last week?” He asked with a cheeky grin growing wider by the second.

“He let me borrow the first one. This is the last one.” He answered.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve already read through the first three books and now you’re reading the last one?” Nino asked.


“It’s only been a week!” Nino practically shouted.

“It’s really addicting once you get started!” Ohno said with all seriousness as he turned the page and continued reading. Nino sighed and continued to play his game. Doing his best to ignore the serious lack of attention he was getting.

“Damn…” He heard Ohno mumble to himself.

“What’s wrong?” Nino asked, pausing his game once again.

“Huh? Oh…broken headboard…it’s nothing…” Ohno mumbled as he continued to read. Nino rolled his eyes and shut off his game. If he wasn’t going to willingly get attention; then he was going to have to take it by force.
He quickly maneuvered himself into Ohno’s lap and snapped the book out of his hand; letting it drop to the floor.

“Nino! I was in the middle of Edwards’s guilt trip!” Ohno said without a hint of a smile on his face. He was genuinely angry at the younger man.

“Do you love Edward more than me?” Nino asked with a giggly smile on his face. It was then that Ohno finally relaxed and smiled at his boyfriend. He curled his long fingers into the tangled hair of his lover.

“No…I like my men more sadistic.” Ohno said with a mischievous grin as he leaned in for a kiss. The thick black book lay forgotten on the floor below them.

The End



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