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i think all of you may have these but... ^^

hi!! ^^ just wanted to say hello and thank you by bringing you some sho stuff and the 2 latest GnoArashi... well i think you must already have them but since i was uploading these for a friend... it's ysi links. sorry i don't use megaupload ^^;;
anyway ^^ it's my first post on this community so... hajimemashite!! ^^dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

*hope i haven't make any mistakes, tell me if there is onegai*

links for sho's stuff:
"the show" audio file: (it's available till saturday i think)
a fanvid "i'm too sexy"XD: (till saturday too)
link for GnoArashi20060208: (till saturday ^^)
link for GnoArashi20060201: (till sunday!! ^^)

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