Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Karen Pang

HYD Final Promo Scans From teens & Teenage Magazines

For S'poreans like myself , in the latest Sept issues of teens & Teenage magazines , both magazines did mentioned about HYD Final .

I managed to scan those portions that involved HYD Final & I must say Teenage did a much better job promoting the movie than teens . Waay better .

Teenage (Front Cover : S.H.E , Ashley Tisdale , PCD's Nicole , Avril Lavigne & Vanessa Hudgens) :

This's found on page 11 :

I didn't realise this was there til last night haha

Movie write up on page 74 :

teens (Front Cover : Project Superstar almuni Derrick Hoh) :

Movie write up on page 70 :

Woo I so can't wait for the movie to roll out in S'pore in exactly 2 weeks's time now :D . It was supposed to open today for the matter of fact d'oh
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