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I am suffering, please help! *_*

I asked for info a few other places but maybe only Arashi and some TOKIO fans watched that Tokio story drama thing with Sho and Taichi? I am begging for details, quested behind the cut. Also, don't read unless you saw it already or don't care about spoilers I guess...

Why the fuck did he have to die??????????? ><;; ><;; ><;; ><;;

Okay, watched the second half last night (first half was Friday) and this bothered me so much I barely slept. It hit me very much like SHOCK did last year; I feel like I was caught off guard and don't have closure after seeing only the first 2 perfs. By lacking some of the details re: Tokio, I realize I was filling in some of the plot with my own expected resolution, i.e. he would wake up in the hospital and everyone would be happy again. But that didn't happen and as Tokio passed away I found myself really upset because I was wrong and I was emotionally unprepared for it. Kinda like in real life, when you assume someone will be fine but then fate takes over and not everything has a happy ending. Then during the night I kept going back to the scene in the boat when they drink beer together and celebrate Tokio's 20th birthday. It made total sense why he ran off and sobbed so hard: He knew he was never going to live to see his 20th birthday and share that drink with his dad. Few people get second chances and he did. I know it's just fiction, time travel fiction at that, but the sentiment was not lost.

Anyway I got most of the story, I think, except I have no clue why he was in hospital in the first place and thus the death thing. Can anyone tell me, please???? Fuck. I was bothered by this all day today and my agony will not end until I have answers!

Oh, and I also don't get the time travel. How/why did Tokio go back in time to meet his dad? *sigh* I'm really very bummed about it all and feel like crying. Yeah, this could be exaggerated by PMS but still it was an awesome little drama and my head hurts, so, um, help? ><

Pics of Sho to make me (and anyone else) happy.

Sho me the door, sweetie

Happy Valentines Day

This is x posted to a few Arashi-minded comms so forgive for the spammishness.

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