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Here We Go! Album Rip

Just in case someone out there was looking for a high quality rip with booklet scans. Since I saw a request for it over at onlyarashifiles, thought those who weren't members there might like this.

Album: Here We Go!
Released: 2002/07/17
Tracks: 14
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: mp3
Tracklist: 01: Theme Of Arashi
02: Easy Crazy Break Down
03: 君は少しも悪くない (Kimi wow Sukoshi mo Warukunai)
04: Tokyo Lovers Tune Night
05: A Day in Our Life
06: ALL or NOTHING VER 1.02
07: 眠らないカラダ (Nemuranaikarada)
08: 君はいないから (Kimi wa Inaikara)
09: IROあせないで (Iro asenaide)
10: 愛してると言えない (Aishiteru to Ienai)
11: 星のFreeway (Hoshi no Freeway)
12: いま愛を語ろう (Ima Ai wo Katarou)
13: WOW!!
14: ナイスな心意気 (Naisu na Kokotoiki)

Download: [SS]

Download the Rar file here for more scans goodness.


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