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Maou Mail #8

There was one line, about the staff member's his own age that I didn't quite get, so I guessed. X3

どうも魔王でーす!撮影も後半に入ってきました!僕も忙しいですが、魔王スタッフの皆さんの忙しさは半端じゃないですよー!僕のシーンだけじゃなく全出演 者のシーンも撮ってるし、寝る時間もあまりないしで、しかも僕と同い年のスタッフさんも何人かいたりで、僕も負けてられないですネ!頑張ります!

2008年8月22日 大野智

Hello, it's Maou~!  We've already entered into the second half of filming!  Even though I'm really busy, it's not even a fraction of how busy everyone of the Maou staff are!  They aren't only shooting my scenes, but the entire cast's and they don't get much time to sleep either.  Moreover I don't even know how many staff are the same age as me, I can't lose either!  I'll do my best!
So, episode 8!  Finally unable take the pressure, Ryou's feelings towards Shiori will overflow!  Will the revenge plan be able to continue nevertheless?  And what's more, Naoto starts to be aware of Ryou's true colours!  Look forward to it!

August 22nd, 2008  Ohno Satoshi
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