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Opus Dei [Maou]: The *angst* opv with soul.

I'm a bit new to Arashi fandom, but I've learned to really appreciate Ohno's acting skills in Maou and thus the OPV Opus Dei was born. I only release fanvideos about twice a year under the name of Solstice Productions so I always try to make them really count. With this release I've aimed to focus solely on Naruse and Naoto, with that amplified the angst and the "good vs evil" theme. I'm using a music score by Coldplay [Viva la Vida].

The video can be viewed online (streaming) @ kewego.

The video can also be downloaded:
Mediafire [xvid, 73mb]

If you really really like it, here is a 180 meg uber HQ.
Megaupload [UHQ mpeg2]

Enjoy! I <3 comments:)
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