Starr (everystarrfall) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Introduction post

Seeing gimmick_game  doing so reminded me that I should probably introduce myself as well. So, hey everyone! My name is Starr, and I'm one of the three new a_ra_shi  mods. I'm one of those internet-obsessed kids that you'll see hunched over a computer screen in the computer lab at school whenever I'm not in class or checking out another mountain of books from the library above--I'm on far too much for my own good, but at least that should come in handy for this purpose. I love modding but haven't done it in a while so I'm happy to be back to it in this fandom to which I'm still a bit new at. ^_^

Questions/comments/concerns/suggestions/just want to chat? You can e-mail me at everystarrfall[at]hotmail[dot]com, or message me here on livejournal. I'm not on IM constantly but I do usually check in at least once a day. For MSN, IM me at xbeforekillingwascool[at]hotmail[dot]com; my AIM sn is abandonedboys.
Tags: ! mod post

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