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Arashi's ONE tour MC summary - July 26th

I found a Chinese blog that gives brief reports on the MC talks during the tours, and while she doesn't mention anything about what happened during the performances, the MCs... are pretty interesting, to say the least XD Here's a brief summary of some of the stuff that happened during their MCs in their two concerts on the 26th in Osaka:

Osaka - July 26th, 2005

- Sho said that the day before the concert when he was at Osaka Jo Hall, someone rode up to him on their bicycle and said very calmly, "I'll be going to Arashi's concert tomorrow." Sho thought that the person was way too calm, and that they should've been more excited to see Arashi in the flesh XD

- Ohmiya SK finally made its appearance during the kick the can game. It turns out that the reason they haven't made an appearance in so long is because the last time they performed, they were yelled at by the upper management in JE for a long while XD; So this time around they have to be more careful.

- Aiba wore a necklace made of little stones strung up together. The other members joked and said that the stones were picked up off the road outside Osaka Jo Hall XD

- Nino and Ohno wore the exact same necklace, which was actually a copycat of MatsuJun's XD; They saw the necklace in the very last pages of Myojo's Young Song, where you can order merchandise by mail, and got some staff members to go and buy it for them. But MatsuJun says he doesn't like seeing them wear the necklaces, especially since they were trying to copy his own XD In the end, everyone said that they should buy two more necklaces, that way the entire group will own the same necklace XDDD

- Whenever they're at an airport, MatsuJun can never pass through the metal detectors without them going off. This time, the detector went off when it was waved over his... NIPPLE. XD And because he gets held back even though he definitely hadn't brought anything dangerous with him, his attitude isn't the greatest either. Aiba says that maybe MatsuJun was held back because of his dangerous attitude XD;

- When they were playing the Kick the Can in Hell game in the second concert of the day, Aiba was "it", and Sho came out dressed in a sailor uniform (y'know, the schoolgirl outfits...) XD; Ohmiya SK and MatsuJun Samba also made their appearances.

I'm typing these up for aBaka, but if you guys are still interested in reading I can continue cross-posting them here too.

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