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my friend was sorting out her dvd collection and she found the most adorable clip for me of nino

he was promoting minami kun no koibito, at a press conference thing and the reporters were all kids. see his reaction when one girl reporter professes her love for him!!! sooo cute!!

hope you enjoy. gotta love my friend for this!

click the cut for the link


kid: Fukuda san what kind of a relationship do you want?

FK: umm... a bit like minami kun and chiyo chan, being protected my boyfriend

kid: well the thing is i'm going out with a couple of people right now, what do you think of that?

FK: that sounds nice (!!)

Kid: how bout you try it

FK: yes when i have a chance. (really!!)

Girl: i'm ninomiya kun's big fan so im really looking forward to the drama

Nino: thank you

girl: you do alot of things for your girlfriend whose shrunk all of a sudden, but what exactly do you do for her?

nino: i help with thhe little things around her, her bath, making a place for her to sleep etc

girl: i too would like you to look after me like that

Nino: ok, lets get out of here just the two of us!

boy: can i take you up on that offer as well?

cute girl: what would you like to do if you could be a high schooler again?

FK: i'd like to be able to hold hands with a boy i like after school on the way home

cute girl: just to let you know i have a boy i like who i can kiss anytime and wnywhere i want

FK: whats his reaction?

cute girl: he laughs

?: does anyone have a question for kitamura soichiro san?

KS: yes i ve been waiting

kid: well what do you want us to ask?

KS: well anything, like what was my impression of the two when i met them? i thought being young is sooo nice.

kid: i have a question for you

KS: oh thank you

kid: what was your first impression of the two when you met them?

KS: i JUST answered that werent you listening? you werent listening (nino: yeah not listening at all)

Girl: i think that Nino is so much better that matsujun because you have a little Jimi (sorry i cant tracnslate the word i know it bt cant quite describe) part to him (NB jimi isnt usually considered a compliment)

boy: i love sushi but whats your fave food?

NIno: MEat!

boy: what tyoe

Nino: anytype, pork beef

KS: i love daifuku!

boy: do you eat one every day?

KS: no once evey few days

boy: so 2 every six days then... anyway fukuda san whats your fave?

FK: white rice

boy: with what furikake etc

FK: yeas with anything, meat, furikake anything

Boy: well in the drama FK shrinks but if it was you what would you do ninomiya san? between us would you look in the womens baths:?

nino; WOMEn's bath?

nino: id like to be drown myself in a bed of feathers/down

?: why:?

Nino: because ot feels so nice when your this size so want to see what it feels like when i shrink

Fk; id like to be like chiyo chan and be kept in my boyfriends pocket

FS: id like to be in my wifes pocket!

its a rough translation its not perfect and i rushed it so sorry but hope it helps!


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