<3 (a_brokenangel) wrote in a_ra_shi,

sexy clips?

I'm currently preparing a post to get my flist into Arashi because out of the (very few) JE fans I currently have on my flist 98% prefer other JE bands or *gasp* don't really care to much about Arashi.
so when I asked a friend of mine what she wanted to see she told me this: As for me, with Arashi, I've seen dork!Arashi, but I haven't seen many hot clips/pics.
the thing is though, I don't think I have any clips like that. I do have picture, a few at least, but I don't think I ever saw any hot Arashi clips, maybe because I haven't been in the fandom myself for too long.
so any recommendations?
Tags: x request: info/misc (discontinued)

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