An (change417) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Ping Pong: Maou last ep promotion

Ah, finally, today is the last ep of Maou... but I can't watch it live cuz all the players aren't working for me T.T So I am going post this in the mean time while waiting for someone to upload it >_< Ok, so since today is the last ep, Ohno & Toma have been busy appearing in news programmes to promote Maou. Their schedule is crazy O.o From about 5am till 7pm, they went to 5 different news programme! I only managed to catch one of them & that is "Ping Pong". Here's some screencaps (sorry about the poor quality ^^) & translations of what they said:)

Ohno's lip balm
Tags: other: translation, x sharing: pictures (discontinued)

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