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Oct 08 Potato translations & pics! (Sho, Jun & Aiba)

Hi guys! I have translated Sho, Jun & Aiba parts!
Scans included too! (Thanks to v6daisuki)

-Sho, the Olympics news caster & he is proud that he can thread a needle *lol*
-Jun & his rings and he buys ice cream for children:)
-Why Aiba doesn't wear accessories & he got pricked by a Jellyfish.
Click here to read more!

(Ohno & Nino's one here if you haven't read)

Oh, btw, below the translations are some other stuff... My picspam on hands & my rants on VS Arashi :p 
So ignore them if you're not interested or if you don't want to know the results for today's VSA^^
Tags: other: translation, x sharing: graphics (discontinued)

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