Subbaholic D: (ohmiya_sg) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Subbaholic D:

Subbed VS Arashi SP cut

VS Arashi SP 081001
TOKIO segment


Arashi goes to the set of TOKIO's new show, 5LDK ("Go LDK"), which is replacing Mentore G. Gussan and Nagase play the Falling Pipe game, and have to get over 100 points to win a prize. Arashi doesn't take a turn catching, but this is great. So much kouhai-bullying. And, as with any video with Gussan talking, this one included drunken activities as well. XD

Translation: enshinge
Subbing: ohmiya_sg (Saragorn)

( HERE )
Tags: other: translation, video (raw)

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