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I have a request
I've been wanting these for a while but couldn't find these (actually I do know where they are but one place the file is expired and the other no one's seeding ;_;)

Does anyone have the MagoMago Arashi 2005/08/05 (NinoxOhno wedding service) and the Mago Mago 2005/08/20 (ShoxOhno samurai movie ^^;;;) I really want to see those especially the first one mentioned!!!!
Also I wanted to ask if any of you had the Waza-Ari with the versus 20 girl (I saw the Nino VS 20 women, Jun VS 20 women, Sho versus 20 women but not the entire episodes) the one though that I really want to see is the Aiba VS 20 women one ^^;;;

Since I'm asking for a lot I'm including a bribe!! I don't know if anyone posted it before ( hopefully no one posted this before it's the D no Arashi Ohmiya Sk reverse playing game part 1 (I also have part 2 if it hasn't been uploaded yet I can upload it if people request it ^-^) Enjoy!!!

Reverse playing game!!

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