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About AAA pamphlets in Taipei con

Hey everyone, I looked through the posts of this past weekend and am pretty sure no one mentioned this yet, so I hope I'm not repeating any information. If I am, I apologize.

This will probably only concern Mandarin-speaking fans, but if you bought a concert pamphlet from the two concerts in Taipei, the translations within are probably in simplified Chinese. Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters, and many Taiwanese Arashi fans have requested for translations in traditional Chinese. I think it was on Sunday that JE complied (very efficiently, too), so Taipei Arena (the Super Dome) will mail new re-translated pamphlets to fans as soon as they are finished printing in Japan. There is no additional cost and you don't have to return the old pamphlet you already own.

If you want to read the translations in traditional Chinese, all you have to do is provide the following information:

Receipt Number:
Number of pamphlets bought:
Total amount of purchase (including all other items)
Phone Number:

And mail it to arashi2008 (dot) taipei (at) gmail (dot) com. You should get a reply from the Taipei Arena within two to three days. International shipping is available for fans who live in areas other than Taiwan, just put down your address as is. If you've lost your receipt, you will have to indicate the specific time and booth location at which you purchased your pamphlet.

For further information, visit

I'm not sure if this is actually useful to anyone but I personally had this problem and just wanted to get this info out there. I can't read simplified Chinese. =\ It's very cool of JE to reprint the pamphlets, though. Hope this helped!

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