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I'm looking for Japanese Arashi fans in this community who would be willing to answer some questions for me, (about 10 questions in all) for a report I'm writing. Unfortunately, my Japanese isn't quite good enough yet to do an interview in Japanese, so I'll have to write the questions in English. If you are a Japanese fan on this community and would be willing to help me, I'd greatly appreciate it! (And if you'd like to answer in Japanese, my reading is much, much better than my speaking or writing, so I would most likely be able to read your answers. >_< )


1. How long have you been a fan of Arashi and/or Johnny's Entertainment?

2. When did you first start liking Arashi?

3. Are you a member of the Official Arashi Fanclub? Are you a member of any other official Johnny's fanclubs?

4. What unofficial fan activities to you participate in? (Unofficial translations, fanart, fanfiction, etc.?)

5. Are or were your classmates also fans of Arashi or Johnny's Entertainment?

6. Have yu ever been to an Arashi or other Johnny's Entertainment concert? If yes, what was the experience like?

7. Are there any specific reasons you are a fan of Arashi or any other JE groups?

8. Do your friends or family know you are a fan of Arashi?

9. How do you think you, as an Arashi fan, compare to fans of things like Anime or Manga? Would you consider yourself an "otaku" because of being a fan of Arashi or Johnny's Entertainment?

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