Denise 旭 (denise_dinc) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Denise 旭

Tribute to Otsuka-kun - KOE

When I heard that Aiba's radioshow assistant Otsuka-kun passed away, a pang of loss hit me. I was simply dumbfounded. I mean, this guy's still so young! I've heard a lot about this wonderful guy from my friends Linda & Lina, seems like his voice has a great impact in making people feel comfortable no matter what happened. I personally have not heard him (since I'm not exactly a fan of radioshows, though I adore Arashi), but I guess it's too late now. I must've really missed something.
To keep Otsuka-kun in our minds & hearts forever, I've modified Arashi's song "Koe" together with my Japanese teacher.
I hope this tribute will somehow reach Otsuka-kun who's now in heaven.


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