yoonbi (woelvs) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Favorite Arashi Television Show Moments


I am doing a presentation on Japanese idols in Japanese television next week, mainly focusing on Arashi, and I am trying to gather some clips from their television shows (this includes any of them).

Anyway, there are obviously a TON of episodes in all of these and while I wish I could remember all the best episodes, I can't skim through them all to find the parts I might be thinking of.

So I was wondering if all of you wonderful people with your knowledge of Arashi shows could tell me your favorite episodes or parts of episodes are so that I can share them with the rest of my class.

Episode number is all I really need, but if you there's a particular part that is your favorite let me know. If you have a favorite moment but don't remember the episode feel free to comment as well, I might recall the episode myself.

Remember these are going to be short clips, so I'd prefer small segments as opposed to longer ones.

I hope this is alright with the mods, if not just let me know.

Thank you so so so so much!
Tags: discuss: general, x request: info/misc (discontinued)

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