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父親たちの星条旗 (Flags of Our Fathers)

Posted this on the aBaka forum already, figured I'd stick it here too ^^ Nino's going to be in a new movie! Yaaay~

From 朝日新闻:

イーストウッド監督が硫黄島戦映画化 渡辺謙さんが主役





To sum up the above, Nino's going to be starring in the Japanese version of a war movie called "Flags of Our Fathers", which is about the Battle of Iwa Jima that took place during WWII. He's going to be taking the role of a soldier, but he won't be the main character (which will be Watanabe Ken). Nakamura Shidou starrs in this movie as well.

The movie's going to be split into two parts, one in the American perspective, the other in the Japanese. The American version of the story finished filming at the end of 2005 last year, and both versions are expected to be released in Japan around Autumn~Winter of this year.

Any more information that people can add will be great ^^

EDIT: Link to the official site for the American version of the movie:

Just glanced through the FAQ on that site, and it says: "The (Japanese) film is named "Red Sun, Black Sand" and will probably film on the actual island of Iwo Jima. The film will also be entirely in Japanese with subtitles for the non-Japanese speaker." <-- I haven't seen the kanji/romaji for the title of their movie yet, but I'll add it in when I find it.


And now for my thoughts: from the premise alone, it sounds like the movie's going to be a pretty depressing one. It seems really interesting though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Nino tackles his role. And to think, his current hairstyle is actually perfect for this movie! XD

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