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Arashi Halloween!

I meant to post this on Halloween, but unfortunately, one of my students was absent last Friday, so we couldn't take the pictures.

We took them today! :D

These are some of my girls who are in my Japanese Club. I'd always opined that Oh-chan is my favorite Arashi member because I'd fallen for his voice. :) Conveniently so, three of the girls managed to like three of the other members (Jun, Sho, and Nino). By the time we got our fifth girl, we had to tell her that Aiba was "the only one left" (Sorry Aiba fans! :D) But again, fortune smiled upon our group, and Aiba was immediately accepted and appreciated.


Most of the "accessories" were loaned - Aiba's scarf (mine) and black jacket (my Mom's ^.^), Jun's Scarf (mine) and black jacket (another jacket of Mom's), and Nino's tie (which was originally one of those wide deals, but I tore it apart and re-taped it more narrow). Sho's "45" was literally taped on to her shirt just before we took the photos (after I'd run down to the custodian's office and begged for a roll of electrical tape).

All in all, we had a blast dressing up like this, and the best part was the recognition we got in school from my other students, and quite a few teachers as well. :) They knew who we were, and even complimented us on our "look."

So the "truth album cover" we took at first wasn't exactly matched up because... I'd forgotten to look up the image online before we took the pictures. All I could remember was that Ohno was seated, Nino was on the floor in front, and they all had mean looks on their faces. XD Sorry if we look more scary than mean. ^.^;;

Hope you all enjoy them as well. :D

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