saorilisa321 (saorilisa321) wrote in a_ra_shi,

JUn on Utawara

Jun vs Jin is soo cute!!!

i only watched the jin vs jun part so i watched the whoe ep and jun is cuter and putting himself out there more!!

i couldnt believe how spoke so much about his love life, of course its real and what not but you know its such a taboo subject with johnnys that its alwys hypothetical and never real talk. so when he said all that stuff about how most of his relationship ended with a big fight and that it happened 3 times! he was so cute when he said that he;d been in many relationships!

anyway ive pieced together all the jun bits from the prog. he was also accused for being S. LOL n.n

( click to get to the link to DL juns bits )

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