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One Love - Subtitled PV (downloads and lyrics)

One Love
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Behold, the PV for "One Love" as promised so long ago...

Since my copy of the "Beautiful Days" single will be coming soon, and I plan to sub that overnight as is my protocol for hot-off-the-presses stuff, the time was clearly overdue to cross this one off my list. Next back-catalogue PV will be "Step and Go"... I figure I'll just go in reverse chronological order.

And this time I remembered to optimize the PSP version for widescreen...


One Love

伝えたくて     伝わらなくて     時には素直になれずに
泣いた季節を     越えた僕らは     今とても輝いてるよ

     I want to tell you, though... I don't want to let you know.
     From time to time, I haven't been as honest as I should.
     But those seasons full of tears... We've overcome them now.
     At this moment, you and I are shining bright.

それぞれ描く     幸せのかたちは重なり
今     大きな愛になる
ずっと二人で     生きてゆこう

     The drawings we've each made
     of our own forms of happiness are all piling up,
     And now they're forming one bigger love together.
     From now on, you and I should go on living side by side...

百年先も     愛を誓うよ     君は僕の全てさ
信じている     ただ信じてる     同じ時間「とき」を刻む人へ
どんな君も     どんな僕でも     ひとつひとつが愛しい
君がいれば     何もいらない     きっと幸せにするから

     And one hundred years from now, I swear I'll love you still.
     After all, you're everything to me.
     I put my faith in that. I just believe in that,
     And say this to the one marked by those same times:
     Whoever you are, and whoever I may be,
     One thing, and one alone, is dear.
     As long as you're here, there's nothing else I need.
     With you I'll be happy, there's no doubt.

雨の中で君を待ってた     優しさの意味さえ知らず
すれ違いに傷ついた夜     それでもここまで来たんだ

     Standing in the rain, I waited there for you
     Not even knowing what it meant to have kindness.
     The way we missed each other hurt us so much that night,
     But still we've found our way this far.

かけがえのない     出逢いは奇跡を繁いでく
思い出     重なりあう
はじまりの歌     嗚り響いて

     There's no way to replace this encounter that's blossoming into a miracle
     All those memories are joining together now...
     The song of something starting is ringing out loud.

どんなときも     支えてくれた     笑い泣いた仲間へ
心込めて     ただひとつだけ     贈る言葉はありがとう

     To you who, no matter when, always helped me stand up tall...
     To my companion in laughter and in tears...
     My heart is filled to burst with this one thing alone:
     "Thank you," the words I want to give to you.

百年先も     愛を誓うよ     君は僕の全てさ
愛している     ただ愛してる     同じ明日約束しよう
世界中に     ただ一人だけ     僕は君を選んだ
君といれば     どんな未来も     ずっと輝いているから

     And one hundred years from now, I swear I'll love you still.
     After all, you're everything to me.
     I care for you so... I'm just in love with you.
     Let's promise, then, to share the same tomorrow.
     In this whole big world, there is only one for me.
     I've chosen you to be that one.
     If I can just be with you, no matter what the future brings,
     You and I will be shining bright forever more.


     La la la...

[Original Japanese lyrics by youth case, and properties are copyright J-Storm, Inc, 2008. English translation made for educational purposes without authorization or approval by Skinner in association with Impetuosity Productions]

Tags: other: lyrics, other: translation, video (raw), video (streaming), x sharing: fanstuff (discontinued)

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