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Namida no Nagareboshi - Arashi Around Asia+ in Dome (subtitled concert clip) - Downloads and Lyrics

Namida no Nagareboshi
Aiba Masaki solo
Arashi Around Asia+ in Dome, 2007
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So, while I was considering logistics for the "Step and Go" PV, it hit me... "truth" was for Oono's drama Maou, "kaze no mukou he" was for Sakurai's Olympic coverage, "One Love" was for Matsumoto's HanaDan movie, "Beautiful days" was for Ninomiya's drama Ryuusei no Kizuna... and what, exactly, have I done for Aiba recently? I wasn't planning to do concert footage until I ran out of PVs, but here's this one anyway.


涙の流れ星 (Namida no Nagareboshi)
     Shooting Stars of [Your] Tears

空を見てごらん     星が見えるだろう
ただそこで美しく     輝いているだけさ

     Oh, take a look at the sky...
     I'm sure you'll see the stars above.
     At least, in that place, with such lovely light...
     They just keep shining on and on.

星に聞いてごらん     君に聞こえるかい?
ただそこでささやかに     瞬いているだけさ

     Oh, listen now to the stars...
     Tell me, can you hear the sound?
     At least, in that place, with a whispered hush...
     They just keep sparkling on and on.

流れ星ながれて君の     涙をぬぐってお願い
ただここで穏やかに     微笑んでいてほしい

     As you're shooting past just like a shooting star,
     Please, won't you wipe away the tears you're crying?
     At least, in this place, with a peaceful calm,
     I want so much for you to smile.

空を見てごらん     夜が明けるだろう
今ここで新しい     日々が始まってゆく

     Oh, take a look at the sky...
     I'm sure the night is ending soon.
     Right now, in this place, the new days to come
     Are all just beginning to dawn.

日の光浴びてる君の     笑顔を守ってあげたい
今ここで美しく     輝いている君と
いつまでも手をとりあって     歩き続けていこう

     When you're bathed there in the shining light of day,
     I want to keep your smiling face safe for you.
     Right now, in this place, with such lovely light...
     I'll keep on shining by your side.
     Forevermore, take my hand in yours...
     And let's walk on and on through the years.

[Original Japanese lyrics and music by youth case. Properties are copyright J-Storm, Inc. English translation made for educational purposes without authorization or approval by Skinner in association with Impetuosity Productions]

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