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Arashi Winter Fan Meet 2008 IN CALIFORNIA


At last, I bring you the Official Guide and Registration Procedures/Form for the Arashi Winter Fan Meet 2008!
Below in this guide is all the information you need to know in regards to this great event, including:
Schedule of Events
Frequently Asked Questions
Further Links about Little Tokyo
...and more!

After you've read the guide, you can use the below Registration Form to formally sign yourself up for the event! When you sign up, you are entitled to:
A badge commemorating your participation
Prizes for the games and contests throughout the day
Methods of Registration
1. Print the registration form out and fill in your information. Then, scan and email your completed form to arashifanmeet@gmail.com. This method is preferred as it'll have a signature on it as well.
2. Download the .doc version of the form and type in your information. Attach the completed form to an email and send it to arashifanmeet@gmail.com.
All e-mails should include the subject, "Registration."
Please DO NOT paste the form information into an e-mail and send it.
If either of these methods are truly an issue, please contact us at arashifanmeet@gmail.com and we can glady arrange a seperate submission style.
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