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hi, i don't think this has been posted here before, but i could be wrong. i found this video on youtube, unfortunately the uploader has disabled the embedding function. click here to watch a young, pre-arashi aiba and nino (and possibly ohno).  Its bascially cuts from an episode of.. erm.. idol on stage i think. the old jr show with music jump as one of the segments.  [we get to see some other chibi johnnys too.. yoko is pretty cute here. :)]

i couldn't resist a little teaser:

what is aiba doing to yoko?

is that ohno?? i think it looks and sounds like him, but i can't be sure.

hope you guys enjoy the video as much as i did. :)

this is the first time i'm posting here. hope i get the lj cut right.
Tags: video (streaming)

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