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AAA 2008 pamphlet (traditional Chinese version) have been sent!

Not sure if anyone else was affected by the pamphlet fiasco in Taipei, but I'll post a translation of the announcement made by Super Dome here since it hasn't been posted yet.

The pamphlets have been sent to those who a) bought the simplified Chinese version on Oct 11 and have requested the traditional Chinese version by email or fax and have provided the relevant information (i.e. correct receipt #, etc.) (the receipt #'s listed at the bottom of the page are those that have already been processed) and b) subsequently ordered the traditional Chinese version (sorry, don't know how to translate 劃撥). If you still haven't received it by Nov 28, send an email to with your name, email address, receipt #, and the # of copies, or fax the information to 02-2721-7992.  

Super Dome is still processing requests by those who've lost their receipts. Send an email with your name, email address and the # of copies to inquire about the status.

For the official announcement and the list of receipt #'s, go here.

Note: According to those who posted on the Super Dome forum, the above email address doesn't work. 
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