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Uta no Onii-san Press Release

More Ohno news. I took a few liberties with the translation to make it sound good.

Ohno Satoshi in the comedy, "Uta no onii-san"

Popular group Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi (28), will take on the challenge of a singing guy role, it was announced on the 7th. He will play the lead in TV Asahi's serial drama "Uta no Onii-san" (next January 16th start, 11:15).

Songs and dance, Ohno has gotten high praises for showing his acting sense on the stage, and he was in the limelight for the lead role in his serial drama "Maou".  It was a difficult role as the "defender of the weak" lawyer who, on the other hand, killed people for revenge.

The producer of this new drama, Kawanishi Taku(?), said on the casting, "Amidst the few lines of "Maou", Ohno's acting with his subtle facial expressions was the highlight. This time as well, I want him to show the breadth of his skill."

The story is a comedy of a man who, by some strange chance, becomes an uta no onii-san on a children's program, his struggles and growth. Along with his acting power, Ohno's personality supported his being chosen for the role. His characteristic pokerface with little emotion. It's a joke amongst the member's of Arashi to call him "old man" and he is known for his gentle personality. Being the high tension image singing guy from start to finish is quite far cry from the guy who, after all, has said, "I don't like kids that much." Producer Kawanishi said, "From the start, it's a story who's protagonist is a helpless singing guy struggling. It's shocking to see the character feeling forced and made to do something."

Without delay, Ohno was in a photoshoot with his uta no onii-san look. "This costume is really flashy... It's like I've returned to Johnny's Jr.," he laughed, blushing. He was enthuastic and said, "This is completely different from my last drama, "Maou", being a comedy, I'm looking forward to how I'm going to act. Seeing the figure of the hard-working protagonist, I think it would be good to be able to encourage those people who can't do the jobs they want to do."
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