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*first off please do not get offended

has anyone watched the recent utawara with matsujun & jin? did you understand their conversations? please straight things out for me, because it seems between some various fan groups they aren't too happy with the way jin conducted himself with matsujun. if you are a big kattun fan and are easily offended, i would suggest you do not read the rest of this. :x

um, the whole sempai thing, i really dont know how seriously they take it in japan. i know in korea it's pretty serious stuff. like there are boundaries that one can and cannot cross as a kouhai (is that one's junior?) anyway, i was reading some other sites in japan and korea, and it seems some of the fans feel that akanishi jin crossed that line.

during utawara akanishi jin says, "then does that mean matsujun got into johnny's because of his face? he sure got in easily." someone correct me if i translated this wrong, but that's what i understood from the clip. i also read a few interviews where matsujun clearly expressed how he didn't like when people claim that he gets parts or recognition merely bc of his looks. i dont really have any personal biases against akanishi jin ... but i dont know, i think with matsujun being his sempai of over 5 years, things like that shouldn't be said so carelessly.

there were some other things of utawara that jin said that didn't settle too well with me, and it seems some of the other fans didnt like it either.

what do you guys think?

yes i know they hugged at the end, but does arashi as a group act this casually with their other sempais as well? or is kattun & arashi this close that they can talk to each other this way? O_o just wanted to know a bit more about the relationships :x

and also is it just me or are the japanese fans not dealing with this weeks utawara very well either? :x thats what i read.

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