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Himitsu #34 ~ T-shirts Challenge

Hi minna-san!
The Himitsu-chan #34 had something interesting, the baka challenge with the T-shirts! They wanted to break the record of wearing 224 T-shirts!!
Otsukaresama deshita, Riida!!

★ There was a lot of Juntoshi moments!!! Check the screencaps ^^
Aiba-chan was so cute taking care of Oh-chan too ^^
★ Specially, Riida trying to eat his bento was adorable~
Nino-chan send a T-shirt message, but it was just to promote the drama... xD
Riida was so tired... he couldn't go to the toilet either >.<
★ It was so hot for Riida... They faned him with AAA uchiwas (and AAA T-shirt) xD
Riida gave up at 170 T-shirts!
★ Ah! During the Guest Quiz, Aiba-chan was adorable!! 
「泣いちゃう。泣いちゃうけど、何か?」  (’◇’)/

Enjoy screencaps here ~ [info]tenjostyle and Riida's challenge in streaming on my Vox!

Tags: video (streaming), x sharing: pictures (discontinued)

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