Fizzing Jizz (fizzjizz) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Fizzing Jizz

Sho yelled at Kame

i REALLY have to go to work, but im addicted to this damn community. T_T

really quickly here is a clip from sho's radio station "sho beat" 07/15/05. someone writes in saying kame once said on mina television that sho got mad because kame threw away ramyun in the sink instead of the toilet.

sho replies saying he remembers exactly. it was right before arashi debuted, and they all went to hiroshima for a sempai's concert. there were only 2 sinks and in one of the sinks ramyun was thrown thrown in it. sho asked kame did you throw it away there?

the reason sho got upset was because they used to throw away the ramyun soup into the sink but one time it overflowed so from then on the jr's threw it away in the toilet. so he reprimanded kame for throwing it in the sink because he was afraid it would overflow again.

anyway that's it. :x but like ... i dont know. haha i guess kame didn't "think" about it. can you hear sho like "SLDFKJLKSJDF" while telling it? ahaha...

that's just the jist of it. :x here is the file.


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