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[MOD POST] Update and a Poll

There are going to be a few slight tweaks to the rules coming up soon (including a new profile page that will make understanding them easier).

Seeing as quite a few people are either NOT reading the rules regarding video posts, or just not understanding them, I think it's time to hold a poll regarding video posts. Again, this rule (aside for needing the file information in the post) does not apply to SUBBED videos. Only the weekly shows: AnS, Himitsu, VSA and the Dramas.

Poll #1314724 a_ra_shi video posts

Which option do you prefer for the fate of video posts in the comm?

No videos allowed; referr them all to onlyarashifiles
Only subbed files allowed; rest referred to onlyarashifiles
A master video post for each episode for the week (Ex: AnS on Monday, etc.) that you can comment to with your upload links and the mod will edit with credit

For me, I'm leaning to the third option. I don't WANT to ban you guys from posting to the community, but I'm getting close to having to do so for a few people.

Please also remember the image rules: 300px wide, 3 icon previews above a cut. If you're posting a wallpaper preview, please only have ONE above the cut.

There will be a few rule modifications posted soon, after we get the feedback for this poll. :)
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