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[MOD POST] Rules Update - Videos, Requests and Birthdays

Here's the rules post I've been taunting for a few days now.

Figured a Monday would be a good start to implement them.

New/Edited Rules as of 2008.12.15:

All weekly videos such as Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi-chan and VS Arashi (as well as weekly dramas) will now be posted in a Master post each week on the day they air. One of the mods will post the master post, and uploaders can comment to the post with their links and it will be updated with credit. This will hopefully eliminate issues of multiple posting and people not following the rules. Any posts not following these rules will be immediately deleted without warning. There was a bit of confusion in my last post. This will NOT include subbed files or anything else. (Unless there is a PV release, etc. Then we will adjust accordingly) Also, this will NOT be retroactive, meaning I will not be going through and collecting links for each file. It's not feasible.

Starting with the new year, all birthday posts will be place in a MASTER birthday post. You can comment with well wishes and any things you may do for the person's birthday in the comments. Many of the JE comms have gone this way, and I see it time for us as well. I don't want to enforce it before Aiba's birthday, seeing as some would find this unfair. So starting with the new year, and therefore Sho's birthday, this will be in effect. Again, any posts not following these rules will be immediately deleted without warning.

All requests will be made in a master request posts that will be available through the tags system. Once a month, these requests will be complied and posted by the mods and possibly filled by the mods themselves if we have time. Anyone can request and anyone feel free to fulfill the request by commenting to the post. This has been in effect at boys_paper for quite a while, and arashi_on just adopted it as well. I hope this system will help reduce many duplicate posts and requests.

I will be re-codding the profile layout to reflect the new/edited rules sometime today or tomorrow, and all but the birthday rule are in effect as of today. I will be posting the request post and the master post for Shukudai in a moment. I will also be editing the tags a bit to expand them to make finding each master post for the week easier.

-Andii :)
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