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Sorry for the spamming, this will be the final post for tonight. XD;;

This post is for your requests. All requests MUST be asked here otherwise the post will be deleted without warning. Multiple requests by the same person in separate posts will result in a month-long posting ban, with a possible permanent ban if it continues.

Request anything and everything here. Have a picture you're not sure the issue, want in a larger format? Here. Looking for a particular episode or something and can't find it after searching, request here.

This is not a free for all file uploading. Please utilize the numerous resources this fandom has available to you and SEARCH first. I've found many a thing through LJSeek, searching interests on LJ itself, and the wonders of Google.

If you STILL cannot find what you're looking for, please feel free to request it here.

A word of note: please refrain from requesting for things to be subbed. A lot of things are being subbed nowadays but it takes time and effort to do so. Please be patient, as more than likely every variety show will be subbed eventually and other things as well, usually pretty quickly now.

You can request on this post until January 14th, 2009 At that point, I or one of your other mods will post a list of the requests with which ones have been fulfilled and which have not.

If you feel in the mood, you can check this post periodically until then and see if you can help fulfill someone's request! :) I will be doing the same.

Please post ONLY requests here. Thank you. :)

Note: The requests tag is still available, but DO NOT use it. Thank you.

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