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How's it Going 2003 concert

Some people asked me if I could upload the concert How's it Going summer 2003. Unfortunatly I think it's not the complete version (I think it's a rip of a dvd or something like that cause the quality's pretty good and it's definatly not fancams)
Anyway I still think it might not be the complete version because during the last last song they show clips of the concert and you see moments that weren't in this file. The parts that aren't there are things like the Ohmiya SK part and specials like this (in other word none singing moments)

But anyway it's still really nice to see ^^. I will be downloading the behind the stage of this concert this week and I will upload it for poeple toward the end of the week (maybe in the behind the scene we'll see a bit of the cut moments)

These file unfortunatly are only in .DAT format. I'm really sorry if some people can't play those but that's the only format I found it in ^^;;;

How's it Going Summer 2003 concert part 1 (it's split in 3 parts)
part 1-001!(new MU link)
part 1-002!(new MU link)
part 1-003!(new MU link)

How's it Going Summer 2003 concert part 2 (it's split in 2 parts)
Part 2-001!
Part 2-002!


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