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Arashi Ringtones

Minna I ripped some part in AnS and made them as a ringtone. Gomen for it is not that good. I dont know from what episode it is.

Click here to the download page.


How to approach the convenient store girl..
Subs by bunniesnrabbits @ youtube
Ohno: Ahh.... ummm... I'll give you the change, so please go on a date with me next time
Nino: Convenient stores are open 24 hours but.... I go for 24 hours too!
Sho: This is my phone number.. Please give me a call if that's ok with you.

Marriage proposal..
Subs by salleychew89 @ youtube
Aiba: Well...It makes no difference if we've been together for 5 or 50 years. Wanna get married? Wanna go now?
Sho: The computer is frozen again... and my heart has also been frozen for 5 years. Please click on my heart! Marry me!
Nino: We've been together for 5 years... How about I date you as my wife in our 6th year?
Jun: Im verry happy. Thank you. You're always cooking me delicious food. I want to eat your delicious cooking forever.. Will you marry me for that to come true?
Ohno: YOU! Marry me!
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