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has anyone seen him in los angeles? if you do see him, please say hello...T_T

this is from nino's recent game the way nino's game diary is a diary message he writes, and people that are registered for it, receive it on their cell phones.

after the cut

434. 3/13/06

there's a problem! a problem!

A ~~PROB~~LEM~~!!!

whats the problem you ask?


the problem is the weather.

whether i'm awake or asleep it's cold.
so i thought i should turn the heater on,

so i went


and turned it on.

the hot air came out nicely

so i ran to go look at it...

80 degrees?!

i felt very...


america uses farenheit instead of celcius;;

it still looked broken to me ;;;
but it was fixed

this time the surprise

IT WON'T TURN OFF!!!!!;;;;;;;;;

it was so hot, so hot i couldn't do anything
so i slept with the window open

i cannot tell at all,
if i'm having fun, or if i'm bored
and that's was my most recent night in los angeles ^^;;;

435. 3/14/06

it's the start...
finally it's started...
movie filming!!

it's only been 2-3 days since i arrivied, but i get the "i finally made it" feeling (^_^)v
you know sort of like "how will they film?" what will the director be like^^;
because i havent seen him yet ^^;
it would be nice if he was a good person ^^
it would be nice if he wasn't a scary person...i hope he doesn't reprimand me

yesterday i ate gyoza and ken watanabe's
no wasn't just a normal meal
while reading the script we would discuss thigns such as
'oh that's not right, at this point?'
'isn't it this way?'
stuff like that.
im trying my hardest alright!!

the only thing that worries me...
did they fix the AC??

436. 3/13/06

there's ap roblem!
this so fun
the filming, that is!

well...yesterday was the beginning of filming
i saw clint eastwood director for the first time,
first off in the beginning...we shook hands
but, he's an extremely quiet person.
you see at the beginning, he was so quiet when he came in, i almost didnt know

and the most fun thing is...
at times there is no rehearsal!
there are scenes that are never rehearsed, and it just suddenly starts...
em~...very cool. it
that kind of director

436. 3/16/06

i think...this place is more and more fun the more you stay here.
what's the best way to express it...
telling by the image maybe it's the 'about' アバウト feeling...relaxed feeling...
yes! i think it maybe the relaxed image.
but, it's not like that

these days i wake up at 5am!
in the morning, when i go to the set by car, it's early morning but there tons!
of cars!
so i asked the driver...
"why are there so many?" to my translator to translate ^^
do you know what his answer was?!
it's admirable!
"it may be because they watn to have dinner with their kids"
that's what he said!
even his expression are cool
they think of their families ^^

it's a cool country! truely!


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