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New Batch of Ringtones

Minna Here's another batch of ringtones ripped from the Aibaland Artist Game and AnS Tell/Teach me Arashi situation: birthday present. Gomen if its not that good.

Click here to the download page.

Aibaland (Artist Game)
Subs by minamichan03 @ youtube
Aiba: In the first home, the train is coming (Rap Style)
Jun: Its 6 o'clock news (Opera Style)
Nino: Welcome home master (Rap Style)
Ohno: Im really very sorry (Rap Style)
Sho: Kitashima leading! Kitashima leading! He reach the goal! Gold! (Love Ballad)

Birthday Present
Subs by LoveSakurai @ youtube
Ohno: Here, your present. That's right! It's my caricature. Times when we cant see each other look at that caricature.
Nino: Here, this is your birthday present..Open it and see... That's right, its a watch. From now on, let's tick away our time together.
Jun: I forgot, here is your present. Open it and see. That's right, its a ring. Take a look on the inside of it. This is for not to forget this occasion, I had engraved the date on it.
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