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Nino's Diary & Nino & Ohno's comments on Boa

here are the 2 most recent diary entries for Nino. i was doing bits and pieces of research and found a list of things various japanese singers have said about boa, and in that piece was nino & ohno's name. it made me laugh. ^^* after the cut! please if you are going to post this elsewhere you CREDIT and also leave a comment where you are taking it

439 - 03/18/06

Ah, I'm sorry about yesterday.
I thought,
'Didn't the renewal take too long?'
If you allow me to make up an excuse...
I was in the moutains!!
Really deep in the moutains!!
I was surprised. By America's big land
Even though we were really deep in the moutains I could still see even more moutains

If I were to speak about the filming process...
My wound is not getting better.
On the bottom left part of my elbow, it's come the point where the whole color has changed a different shad...
It suddenly feels like I've returned to being an elementary school student
The speed of the healing process brings me back to reality
Then, I have no choice but not to get hurt today!
頑張れにのちゃん / ganbareni nino chan
おう!まかせとけ / leave it up to me

440 - 03/19/06

round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round ......

I am listening to music in the laundry room watching blankly as the drier goes...
round and round and round and round and round!

I barely got the chance to do my laundry
I was busy getting used to the first location filming spot
Wow he's talking a lot? that kind of a feeling

now that i think about, all the staff goes "kazunari! kazunari" which makes me think "wow the people here really do call by their first name." but then i went into the set and the director says "nino come here for a second."



so i thought, they don't just call people by their first name

but, then now everyone calls me that. what im saying is that ever since then i felt safe and the world looks different to me.
thank you!! director!

clothes! it looks like my laundry will be done soon.
to add on the weather is so nice.
i'll be later after i get some sunshine.

and then this is from the list that i found.

kattun ; kamenashi
something about a funny story at music station when boa said "kombanwa" to him...?
because of nakamaru, kame started liking boa

kattun ; nakamaru
nakamaru liked boa before anyone
because he speaks of boa so frequently boa has gained much popularity with the johnny junior's

winds ; ryohei
he said boa was cute on t.v.
when boa was performing "jewel song," ryohei's text message ring was "jewel song"

arashi ; nino
he said on t.v. that he thought boa was really good at dancing
he has also commented that he would like to either film a CF or drama with her

arashi ; ohno
ohno has said that he had a dream where he and boa were playing badminton, and nino wrote about it in his diary (AHAHAHA)
also at the FNS music awards arashi & boa sat at the same table, and ohno got really surprised when boa talked to them

flames ; kyohei
he respects boa

xmap ; kimura
on the SMAPxSMAP show he said it would be really cute if he had a little sister like boa
boa said on utaban that she likes kimura also

SMAP ; nakai
on the tokyo show he said he's close with boa and they are good friends
on SMAPxSMAP he has said he wouldnt mind dating her

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