Kaori (shini_no_shisha) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi cam moments ^^

Many people wanted to see more Arashi cams moment. Since I couldn't find any cams for downlaod (except the Nino cams one) I checked on youtube.com to see if at least people could go watch it there until I find someone from who I can actually download the files ^^;;; Anyway for now I only have the Ohno cam but I'm pretty sure I had seen some cam moment for the others as well ^^ I'll continue looking for them

So here we go this is the Ohno cam
Ohno cam (includes Nino funny dance and randome things they did)! haha Oh-chan's so clingy on Jun in here and I just love the way he calls up to him while they're climbing the stairs (actually I just love the way he calls him all the time in this vid hahaha)^^

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