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OhMiyaSK post XD

just wanted to share those videos w/ you gals!!
pretty sharing mood tonight ne?? ^^

this one is during iza now conert (2004) backstage, with ohmiyaSK in sho's futon^^ XDDD ninoXohno fangirls outta here???
sho's futon
MU link for sho's futon thanks to kiapkiap *huggy* ^^

actually, normally nino was sleeping in the same room as sho and ohno in the same room as jun^^
sho was going to show his room when he suddenly fall on the pair ^^ pretty bikurishita ne?? ^^
he went to tell jun who say to ohno "you did it again?!!" XDDDD and ohno say to jun to continue read his book XDD
sorry rough translation, correct me if i'm wrong my japanese is not so fluent ^^;;;

this one is OhMiyaSK polluting jun's momo's dance performance at HIG 2003 concert LMAO XDDDD
OhMiyaSK jun's solo
still wondering how jun has managed to stay calm w/ those bakas!! XDDD
MU link for jun's solo thanks to kiapkiap *huggy* ^^

this one is OhMiyaSK polluting sho's solo "Touch me now" *droooooooooling* at HIG 2003 concert
OhMiyaSK sho's solo
yare yare -_-
MU link for sho's solo thanks to kiapkiap *huggy* ^^

and THIS one... ninoXjun fangirls... get ready XDDD for... BUTT TOUCHING XDDDDDDDD
well i'm not a pairing fan... but it's pretty funny!!
not doing a translation coz too late too hard and too lazy??? XDD
it was during a Iza now 2004 concert CM
ninoXjun butt touching
MU link for ninoXjun thanks to kiapkiap *huggy* ^^

all are ysi links ^^;;; megaupload naughty w/me... T_T

okay now... O.YA.SU.MI!! finish for today!!...well...yesterday XDDD

thanks to kiapkiap they are all uploaded in both ysi and MU!! YEAYYYYY

sorry Xposted Z_Z

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