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[Master Post] VS Arashi - Ep. 38 & SP2 2009.01.10

Sorry for the bit of the delay on this, I was out of town.

As always, if you'd like your upload links added to the post, please comment below.

Episode 38 ~

File: VS Arashi Episode 38 - SP Preview
Air Date: 2009.01.10
File Size: 298mb
File Format: .avi
File Servers: Single File - MU/Direct ~ Split Files MU/MF
Original File: chaix2@veoh


Single File ~ MU/Direct (uploading) gimmick_game (Right click + save as for the Direct link once up)

Split File ~
MU: .001|.002|.003|.004
MF: .001|.002|.003|.004
Above links thanks to the lovely inuhariko

VS Arashi Special 2

File: VS Arashi Special 2
Air Date: 2009.01.10
File Size: Part 1 - 499mb/Part 2 - 631mb
File Format: .avi
File Servers: Single file - MU & Direct/Split Files - MF
Guests: Code Blue cast, Mecha Ike and several others.
Original File: my12


Single File: MU1 MU2/Direct1 Direct2 (uploading) - gimmick_game

Split Files:

Part 1 MF - .001|.002|.003|.004|.005

Part 2 MF - .001|.002|.003|.004|.005|.006|.007

MU part two and the direct links should be available either in the comments below at some point (for the MU) and after 5pm EST tomorrow.
Tags: tv: variety: vs arashi, video (raw)

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