K.C. (red_kei) wrote in a_ra_shi,

commercial + GnoArashi comment

I loaded Arashi's new drink commercial, that lemon drink one, on www.spread-it.com to see the upload rate. . .and I thought maybe by some wierd chance some people did not get the commercial and would like it. .

So here is the link. . I don't remember if it took long to upload, and I dunno if it's faster compared to YSI or MU (some researcher I am). . I think it took longer than YSI. .there is no uupload bar to tell you. . not even one of those green thingies that move bakc and forth to watch like on YSI. . so yes. .

If anyone downloads this please tell me how the download rate goes. .^_^


Also, in this weeks GnoArashi. . the one with the people with the complex's. . . . at the end Sho bring out a stereo and plays like. . . 5 seconds of a song. . Nino's like "Arashi~". . and Aiba says something about. . playing that little bit won't do. . or something like that. . by any chance is that a preview of their new song?

[x-posted to all them arashi hangouts]

EDIT again.
If you want to see caps form the show. . you can see n my journal HERE

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