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Extra Info about NYC.

I was surfing vox and stumbled on some information that you might need to know if you are planning to go to New York to see Sho at that press conference, and looking through previous entries I didn't see this listed so...

'There are going to be at least 64,000 people at this convention over all three days, so figure 1/3 of that for Friday = 21,333 people.

Only 3,000 of these people will fit inside the IGN Theater, where Sho will be.

That means, anyone going:  GET THERE AS SOON AS YOU CAN. 

The biggest draw for the Yatterman event is probably going to be Takashi Miike, especially at a comic convention. 

So, you won't just be competing for space with other Arashi girls or Yatterman fans, you're also going to be competing for space to see one of Japan's biggest directors.'

Info taken from here with permission:

So it might get kind of tough getting in so if possible you might want to plan to get there early. I unfortunately can't make it. ;-;

But I hope as many of you guys can. ^_^

Whatever is happening have fun time and fill us who can't go in. T^T
 x-posted to arashi_on. ^_^;

EDIT: I hope this isn't causing any panic. I got this off of vox and have also never been to this event. So if you read through the comments (on both entries) you might be able to make a better decision from the information overall. Especially since some people's experiences are saying that this might not be a problem. So if you are thinking of going It might be a good idea to ask around. This info was posted mainly as a possible outcome and a factor to consider in case some girls are flying over and there are also other events that are big crowd pullers so I'd take a look at the comic con guest and event list as well as a map of the area so you know what's going on. Also, it is a big city and a big event so be really careful guys.
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